Makes contact with the lens and may damage it.   The spinning disc generates an air jet stream
to thoroughly clean your lens without scratching it.

Dust and dirt buildups on the pickup lens will degrade the performance of your
Game System, Home Cinema system, PC, Laptop, DVD or Blu-ray Disc players.

Avoid such problems by regularly cleaning your lens with this
non-contact “Air Vortex – Air Jet” Lens Cleaner Disc.

Reusable, durable, for repeated use.
Regularly clean your lens.
  Exclusive Patented Cleaning Technology.
The one and only "no brush" lens cleaning technology,
first patent granted in the world.
  The non-brush lens cleaner disc makes no contact with the lens and won't damage it.
The only reusable, durable and enviromentaly-friendly lens cleaner.
It cleans in minutes.
Can be used on a dailly basis.
  Can be used in every kind of DVD/Blu-ray compatible player:
Tray type, Slot-in type, Multi Disc changer, Game player.
One time investment.
When correctly treated it can be used for many years without need of replacement.
  Multiple Disc Features :
DVD / Blu-ray Lens Cleaning.
Home Cinema (5.1ch & 2ch) Speaker connection tests.
Speakers polarity (+ -) verification.
Audio system performance check.
Relaxation music with ambient video
Various TV Monitor adjustment & calibration screens
High Quality ambient video clip with Background Music(BGM).
Original Color Graphics Animation clip.

For all your DVD/Blu-ray compatible products